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Pulling together a group of the top people in your profession is great for your potential clients. Especially when they listen to a series of discussions about how vital your product is to the industry.  

Because you have a story the market needs to hear.

Who We Are

OmniChannel Productions specializes in producing supply chain industry events, tradeshows, workshops, and seminars.

Privately-held event production organization offering supply chain industry expertise key to producing successful conferences, business forums, and summits. Spearhead all aspects of events with budgets exceeding $1 million. Steer project lifecycle from venue selection, speaker acquisition, meal planning, event scheduling, and more.

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Ralph Henderson

Ralph Henderson


I’m Ralph Henderson, President of OmniChannel Productions. I am a 1996 graduate of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech, and I have done production work for some of the biggest and best in the industry since my company’s inception in 2009. I started this company when I had an epiphany – I was only enjoying about 20% of what I was doing at my place of employment, not to mention that it was those efforts that were proving to be the most effective for my clients. I then had that light bulb moment where I realized I could be doing just that 20% for a multitude of clients, instead of the full 100% for just a select few, and it would be a win-win for my enjoyment and the companies that would benefit from the best of the best.