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We’ll help you set yourself up as the authority in supply chain optimization.

Many companies recognize that there are some cost-saving measures that could be taken related to their supply chain, but most don’t realize they can get help with supply chain optimization rather than taking a hit-or-miss approach. If you work for a consulting firm that provides assistance in this area, the key is to make sure the marketplace is aware of what you offer and place yourself as an authority. Here at OmniChannel Productions, you’ll get the guidance you need to best reach your potential clients looking for supply chain optimization support.

Supply Chain Optimization

I offer three distinct channels to make sure your story is heard in the marketplace: live events, on-demand, and webcasts. By focusing on the 20% of marketing efforts that are most effective and employing intentional marketing, I can help you spend more time on your clients and less time finding them. I offer support to your marketing and sales team to bolster their efforts so that every labor hour spent is more effective.

Marketing with intention involves seeking out the top companies that you believe can benefit from your supply chain optimization expertise and then developing a course of action that best reaches them and lets them know how beneficial it will be to work with you. This might involve one or two of the channels in my multi-channel approach or all three depending on what best suits your company and the clients you would like to reach.

If you would like to know more about how I can assist in your efforts to become the most successful supply chain optimization consulting firm in your area, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.