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I believe if I asked this question to my circle of influence I would get an interesting array of answers. I don’t know if my answer would even be the same every day.  Today, I was thinking about a study I am doing with the John Maxwell Team called, #IntentionalLiving, and the ‘homework’ is to intentionally think about someone and be intentional about adding value to them.  I immediately thought about Chip and Cheery Furr of Climb’s Roast.  An organization that roasts coffee from all over the world and support others through the sales of that coffee.  In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of a big fan of coffee.  I want to be intentional on how I am helping them. Climb’s Roast sponsors a pre-game tailgating function for our hometown NFL Team, The Carolina Panthers, and I plan to help them by volunteering my time this Sunday.  In addition, I am a member of an organization called ‘The Barnabas Group‘ and I help companies that are presenting to that organization with their presentations.  I found out Climb’s Roast is a presenting company and I intentionally plan to be one of the people to help them.  So, why am I on LinkedIn.  To become more known and connected, like most people, and now I find out it is also to intentionally add value to others.  I encourage you to consider doing this.  I wish you well with your ‘homework’.