What’s Your Why?

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Goal setting is important for both our personal lives and our business endeavors. After all, as Benjamin Franklin stated, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” However, it is important to understand that happiness isn’t always linked to achieving goals. There are plenty of people out there who, upon achieving a goal they’ve worked long and hard for, suddenly feel they have no purpose. The same can hold true when you have a business. It is important to find your purpose – your “why” – so that each step in your business development is part of the bigger picture of why you are in business.

business development is part of the bigger picture of why you are in business

Finding your why has several benefits. It helps you get through those difficult days when nothing seems to go right when you can still envision the picture as a whole. It also helps you rally your employees around your cause because they see there’s a bigger purpose involved than just hitting a deadline, getting to Friday or payday, or reaching a sales quota.

The key to finding your why is for it to be something you can embrace and which can motivate everyone in your company. It is about what creates passion, compassion, energy, and positive emotions. It’s not a sales goal or wanting to be the biggest company in your industry – it is about the purpose you are serving, how you are improving the lives of your customers and/or the community, and setting business development goals that will help you achieve growth to fit those purposes.

At OmniChannel Productions, you’ll find guidance in business development that considers the importance of intentional marketing and fitting your purpose in your field. It is about building relationships and trust with an eye on the big picture. Reach out today to learn more about finding your why and where to go from there.