Turn Your Business Development Into a Symphony With the Right Conductor

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Running a successful business development production is a lot like conducting an orchestra; lots of complexity and diverse activities must all be blended to create a rousing symphony. The orchestra conductor is the most misunderstood position in the orchestra. The various players in the planning and execution of a business production can be likened to the various sections in an orchestra, for example:

successful business development production

  • Marketing – The horn section, sending out a strident tone that gets attention
  • Executives – The strings, setting the pace and tone for the rest of the organization
  • Event planning – The percussion section, beating the drum of the event
  • Production/event planner and coordinator – The conductor, often the most misunderstood position in the orchestra, and business, responsible for year-to-year planning, trust-building initiatives, business development, change planning, etc., working in close cooperation with executives and using instruments like programming, networking, summits, shows, etc.

A professional conductor doesn’t only work during a particular season, or in the period leading up to a recital or other performance. They are busy year-round preparing, planning and putting things in motion to ensure success when it comes time for a performance.

Likewise, the planning of productions that include initiatives to grow the business and educate and inform the market require ongoing, year-round planning and discussions with executives. This year-round focus is vital for any business that wants to stay sustainable and profitable over the next 3-5 years and beyond.

Ralph Henderson, President of OmniChannel Productions, is a master “conductor” who can create sweet music for your business. He’s not just an event planner; he facilitates business development and helps with relationship creation. He does events, but also so much more.