The Producer: Key to a Blockbuster Business Development Event

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No doubt we’ve all been to see a much-anticipated movie, one where there was a lot of marketing done before the actual release date to create expectation, and we thoroughly enjoyed it when we did finally see it. But did you ever give some thought to everything that was required to make that movie, how many role players were involved, and who oversaw the process?

The Producer: Key to a Blockbuster Business Development Event

Role players in making a typical movie include:

  • Actors – Portraying the characters in the story and the most visible and well-known part of the process
  • Director – Responsible for the shooting and assembly of a film
  • Screenwriter(s) – Carefully crafts the plot, storyline, and dialogue of the film
  • Production designer – Translates the script into visual form via a series of storyboards
  • Art director – Responsible for the film’s settings
  • Costume designer – Designs and creates clothing that conveys the mood or period of the film
  • Cinematographer – Responsible for capturing the script on film or video
  • Editor – Arranges individual shots into one continuous sequence
  • Music supervisor – Selects and commissions the perfect music for the movie

And then there’s the person most moviegoers probably don’t think about much, but without whom no movie would ever get made: the producer.

The producer is responsible for every aspect of the project from start to finish, taking it from concept to finished film. This includes developing and detailing the original idea, finalizing the script, arranging financial backing, overseeing casting, lining up locations, and acting as the overall team leader and supporting the various functions and teams that contribute to the shooting and production of a successful movie.

One thing the producer doesn’t usually focus on much is marketing. Sure, they may have people on their team who handle PR and marketing, or this role may be contracted to an outside agency, and they may oversee and give input regarding marketing activity, but a producer is not a marketer.

Sometimes movie producers are employed by the film studio or are in partnership with them, but very often they are free agents and operate on a per-project basis.

Likewise, a professional arranger of business development events fulfills a similar role to that of a movie producer, working in the background and bringing all the required role players together to stage a successful event. There’s so much more to this role than just marketing.

This person doesn’t need to be employed full-time by your business. Working with them on a per-project basis usually means that the project is completed faster, more efficiently, and more cost-efficiently.