It’s 2020 – Who’s in Your Top 20?

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intentional marketing that begins with establishing your top 20

You might have noticed that there has been a shift in much of the retail world away from having tons of choices to relatively few. For example, you might remember when grocery stores had 20 to 30 different flavors of pudding, while now you are lucky to find half a dozen. While there are numerous reasons why that has occurred, one of them is that companies recognized it is often better to cast a smaller net with purpose than a larger one without purpose. This same concept can be applied to your marketing campaigns – learn who is in your top 20 and put all your efforts there, and you’ll yield a better result than if you split your efforts among 200 targets.

Intentional marketing is effective, in part, because of the perception it generates. By aligning everything you do – your website, content, emails, social media posts, etc. – with your best prospects, and not just any/all prospects, you’re able to demonstrate that you understand that specific target, and you can address the specific needs and questions those prospects have. There are often dozens of options available, and you want to create relevance and show that you’re the best, unique fit for those partners.

If you are looking to take your company to new levels in 2020, start by making a written list of your top 20 prospects. While the “cast a wide net” theory might have worked in the past and could get you a fair number of prospects, it takes a lot more effort, costs more, and the return on your time and investment may not be as beneficial.

At OmniChannel Productions, my purpose is to help companies make sure their story is heard in the marketplace. Rather than employ multiple channels to achieve that, the focus is put on the three most effective: live events, on-demand, and webcasts. With intentional marketing that begins with establishing your top 20, you’ll look back on the year 2020 as the one that catapulted your company’s success. Call today to learn more.