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29What if someone walked toward you today and told you to change the direction you have been heading for years? What if you’re in the middle of a warm, comfortable spa treatment, and you’re invited to go jump under a cold waterfall? If you are standing on a safe ledge, would you grab the rope hanging in front of you to swing across to an unknown ground on the other side?

My guess is that most of us would begin to question the need, measure the time, calculate the risk, and possibly talk ourselves out of the challenge. What I have discovered and intend to expose here is that our resistance to a new commitment often becomes the despairing roadblock to fulfilling our purpose.

You see, the problem is not that people don’t know their purpose or their calling in life. The problem is that most people don’t want to get off the familiar road they’re on and take the arduous journey that’s required to pursue it. Sometimes we misconstrue success, choose mediocrity, or just accept the worst, while deep down we know something is missing. The familiar track may be good, bad, or ugly, but the new takes too long, costs too much, and besides, it’s scary.

In my case, I even started to wonder, is it too late? I was 50 and was doing well as a business executive when I switched onto the track of an MBA-like master’s program that superbly and systematically showed me how to do what I want to do more than anything in the world in my next season—live with a Kingdom-focused drive in all areas of my personal, family, and professional life.

The Master’s Program is a holistic approach for men and women developed by Bob Shank. It has been my gateway to maximizing my effectiveness and sense of eternal significance. I walked to the edge of my old road and trusted myself to hear a new calling, to follow the new path right in front of me. I now feel I have tools to soar to the next plane of my life.

I pray you trust yourself. Your first step may be shaky, but you know what to do. Whatever your call, I encourage you to get on track to pursuing it and to find someone to hold you accountable for staying true to your commitment. Do it scared if you have to, but do it. Do it as though your life depends on it, because ultimately, it does.