Did We Lose Our Leaders?

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For the last two years I’ve become enthralled with Leadership and Leadership Development.  Have you noticed we seem to be asking the question, ‘Where are the leaders?’ more and more these days.  Well I have a theory on this.  In 1973 when the US went from a Military Draft country to an ‘All Volunteer’ military service we lost, what I believe, was a built in Leadership Development tool.  Think about it, whether you went in as a Commissioned Officer or Enlisted, you were given Leadership Training and even better allowed to actually use the Leadership you learned in your day to day.  It was built in to the fabric of the country.  It was part of our ‘tapestry’ as people that know me know I love to use as an illustration.  Well now it’s been over 40 years since that has been happening.  What some would say is a generation of people.  Now we see what that looks like.  I know what you’re thinking and no, I don’t believe we have to go back to compulsory military service to get Leadership Training built back into the fabric of the country (I believe we have to for many other reasons).  However, I do believe we need to get Leadership Training and Equipping built back into our society.

So today is the day!  Let’s start being intentional about this.  Whether you are young and very skilled in many areas but lack the leadership to create influence for where you are going, or you are a baby boomer and it’s been too long since you’ve had any training and now have the responsibility to lead and influence.  The investment in time and money will be well worth it.  At the risk of being a little dramatic, I believe you, your family, our businesses and the country depend on it.  WE NEED LEADERS!  I wish you well.