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Your supply chain optimization consulting firm that can help you become more well-known through live experiences and intentional marketing.

At OmniChannel Productions, a new and innovative approach to business development has been formulated that can take you to a higher level in a more efficient way. My expertise with intentional marketing and live productions enables you to tune in to the most effective. By utilizing a multi-channel approach to optimize your company’s marketing, I can help to position you as a leader in your area of the logistics space.

What We Offer

Whether you specialize in direct-to-consumer, material handling or automation, I can help you gain more respect and trust from your potential clients. Whether you take advantage of all three of my unique channels, or just one, is up to you. Live shows / productions / tradeshows provide a different way to make sure your story is heard in the marketplace. The goal is to achieve a level of comprehension so that your potential clients truly know you.

Supply Chain Consulting

Take your consulting firm to a new level of success.

Supply Chain Management

I’ll guide you to reaching your target market efficiently.

Supply Chain Optimization

Innovative and fresh ideas to help you connect with potential clients.

It’s Not Who You Know; It’s Who Knows You.

No one else is doing it this way, and I am confident that you’ll be wondering why they don’t when you see the benefits for yourself. You have a story that the market needs to hear – let me help you make sure it does!

Why Choose Us?
OmniChannel Productions

While most professionals who offer consulting services to the supply chain industry companies and other similar businesses present a wide spectrum of options, my company is more of a fractional executive, business development, and marketing resource. Instead of paying for dozens of services and only one or two proving useful, I’ve stripped it down to the 20% that, in my 30 years of experience, have proven time and time again to be the most effective.

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