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Intentional business development and marketing are the key to achieving optimal results from your efforts.

I’m Ralph Henderson, President of OmniChannel Productions. I am a 1996 graduate of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech, and I have done production work for some of the biggest and best in the industry since my company’s inception in 2009. I started this company when I had an epiphany – I was only enjoying about 20% of what I was doing at my place of employment, not to mention that it was those efforts that were proving to be the most effective for my clients. I then had that light bulb moment where I realized I could be doing just that 20% for a multitude of clients, instead of the full 100% for just a select few, and it would be a win-win for my enjoyment and the companies that would benefit from the best of the best.

About OmniChannel Productions

In that 20% is highly developed relationship building and showing my clients how they can best utilize their center of influence. I thoroughly enjoy challenging the status quo and creating marketing strategies and campaigns that will yield what one can only describe as “the HRH wow factor”. I’m not your ordinary supply chain/logistics marketing person, or even a typical production guy. I thrive on “live” interaction and bringing new and fresh ideas to supply chain optimization consulting firms. I have worked with hardware, software, and consultant suppliers, like Kingway, CAPS, Foxfire, and Peach State, as well as users of supply chain equipment and services, such as Sara Lee and Hanes.

I know the pain of spending money and people traveling and meeting with prospects without yielding the expected positive returns. I enjoy the process of putting something together based on your vision and doing the hard work of creating, promoting, coordinating, executing, connecting, and following up with executives on summits and forums. Let my business development efforts support and benefit your marketing and sales teams to achieve new heights for your company.

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